About Gemma Rose



I've been drawn to crystals my whole life. At one point, I think I was 8, I thought I wanted to be a geologist and had visions of wearing a hard hat under ground chipping away hoping to find something magical.

Flash forward almost 20 years later when I suffered my first heartbreak. A friend gave me a rose quartz and I slept with it every night. It brought me healing and comfort. I began to study gemstones and their healing aspects as a hobby, and continue to build on my collection.

Then one summer while I was on break from college, I volunteered for the Hopi who were in Colorado performing a rain dance ceremony. I spent only a few days camping with them however they left a huge mark on me.

The Hopi taught me their dance, painted my face, sang to me and showed me how they created their crafts. They touched my heart in a way that will always stay with me. They inspired me to learn how to string beaded necklaces.

The day after they left,  I went to a bead store nearby and I sat by the creek in this little park completely unaware that there was a craft fair going on near by. These teenagers came up to and said they wanted whatever I was making. I thought it was a joke. I told them I had no idea what I was doing but they wouldn't take no for an answer. I ended up selling them for $5!

Then what happened next floored me.  A little girl around age 5 came over to me and sat down next to me. She opened up to me about her family life and how sad and scared she was. I didn't know what to do so I told her that I'd make her a magic necklace and that whenever she was scared to wear her necklace and that it would make her feel safe. I'll never forget the smile on her face when I gifted her the necklace.

After the summer ended, I went back to school and continued to make necklaces that I would literally sell off my neck. I never thought I'd make a business from it!

It wasn't until a few years later when a friend I had met (an angel really) in yoga teacher's training persuaded me to go to an open call to meet the buyers from  Henri Bendel. I was in shock when they said they loved my designs and would like to place an order. It's fun to say Henri Bendel was my first account:)

A new world opened up for me in Los Angeles; it was like a fast moving magic ball of opportunities. I would meet women in yoga who loved my jewelry and make pieces for them. As I'd make them  their pieces, I would get messages about their lives. This happened so much that I decided to write down what came to me and share with my customers. I really enjoyed this although at the same time my business really took off and I didn't have the time to spend with my customers.

Every high end store wanted my pieces and famous stylists wanted to use my jewelry for red carpet events and magazine editorial. I found my jewelry in Instyle magazine, on the cover of People magazine, it was wild!

The excitement quickly wore off and I began to feel very un grounded. It felt like the modelling industry I managed to escape all over again. I didn't like it.

Everything changed when I had a session with a Native American shaman in Ojai who told me the real reason I made jewelry. He said my purpose was to do healing work and that crystals were my medium. When I heard him say this, huge tears fell down my cheeks. Everything became more clear and I was truly humbled.

I knew what to do. I pulled my jewelry from my showroom downtown. I decided that it didn't matter to me if my jewelry was at Fred Segal or Theodore on Rodeo Drive. My desire was to learn more about healing, to meet my customers, to have more confidence in my intuition so that I could be a guide for others and start really living my purpose.

I graduated from  healers training  with David Elliott and have studied Eastern Indian philosophies with my teacher Shankaracharya "Shanks" for more than 15 years and still continue to learn from him and others such as my life coach, Jen Blackstock.

Today, what brings me the most joy is meeting you and listening to your stories and feeling that divine connection as we are all on this path together, and healing is universal. To be able to guide you back to your heart and center; whether it be through gemstone healing, a breath work session or healing life guidance session, is what fuels my heart.

Thank you for visiting. I hope one day we will meet!