Gemma Rose Jewelry is not just jewelry, for many it's a healing experience!

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Book a complimentary session with healing gemstone designer Gemma Rose to discover what gemstone your soul needs for your healing journey.

 In addition to creating healing jewelry, Gemma also offers healing breath work meditation sessions and 1:1 life guidance coaching.

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Testimonial from a breath work/coaching client:

"Much like with a teacher, they say when a person is ready to heal, a healer arrives. I found Gemma in the oddest, or I believe the most fateful, of ways. There I was, driving with my real estate agent and I noticed her ring. I don’t usually notice jewelry but this piece was special, not only beautiful, but it spoke to me of someone lighter, with a taste for the beauty that is life.

I got Gemma’s name and scheduled a 15 minute consultation. From the moment I heard her voice, I knew this was someone that was meant to come into my life to help guide me through the difficult times, to help lighten my spirit. She had come to bless my world with her beautiful creations. Out of no where, I asked: "Do you life coach" and she said: “Yes".

This is how our almost year long journey started. She guided me with love, patience, non-judgment and compassion. She taught me that through self-care, we find others, through radical change we find our center, through breathing, we capture our center.

Gemma is not only an incredible woman, she is an artisan, she is a magical healer, she supports humanity in improving the world, she helped me in more ways than words will ever be able to express. My gratitude for her knows no bounds."  Federica Bisone

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