About Gemma Rose

Hello!  One summer while volunteering for the Hopi Native Americans, I felt inspired to teach myself how to make jewelry. I was touched by how the Hopi find meaning in their handmade creations. It was later revealed to me by a Native American shaman that it is my path to channel healing energy into gemstones and crystals and create talismans for those interested in finding balance in their lives.

To make an appointment for a free 15 minute intuitive gemstone session,  please contact me.

A little more about me....

  • I've been in awe with gemstones and crystals ever since I was a little girl.
  • I believe when we connect with our hearts and what makes us happy, life becomes a whole lot more fun.
  • I believe we are here on this planet to feel awake and aware, to revel in the joy of living.
  • I believe we all have spirit guides and guardian angels who are eager to assist us on our paths.
  • I believe we are all connected.
  • Veronica is my birth name but I changed my name to Gemma a few years ago.
  • I have been very fortunate to have studied with incredible wise healers and teachers over the past twenty years.
  • I spend 1-2 hours every morning in contemplation, meditation , and yoga. 
  • I am a certified yoga teacher , angel card reader, breath work practitioner,  and have my bachelors degree in elementary education. I was also a model working mainly in Paris and London.
  • My favorite gemstone is Aquamarine.
  • My first jewelry account was with Henri Bendel in New York. 
  • What brings me joy is expressing my gift of creating and holding space for healing with the assistance of the gemstone queendom:)
  • I believe in giving back to help the children of this world. A portion of  each item of jewelry goes to Plan International , Cambodian Childrens Fund and Keep A Child Alive.

Thank you for visiting! 

Sending LOVE!

Gemma Rose

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