Self Love

There’s a lot of great information out there on the topic self-love and self-care as it seems to be the conversation in the collective right now.

Here’s the best by far I’ve heard on the subject- repost@gigi_young:

Self love is an obscure thing because our mind is programmed to place more value on the material world. Through this external perspective we struggle to truly understand ourselves as the majority of our being is non-physical and internal. ✨✨✨ We understand that we must love ourselves to be healthy, but we have difficulty conceptualizing how to actually do this. Our minds tend to go to thoughts of bubble baths and spa days. ✨✨✨ In order to really love and care for ourselves, it is helpful to consider all aspects of your consciousness: your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. ✨✨✨ Caring and loving yourself spiritually means taking time to find your center; where your mind and emotions slow down and your focus comes to a point. Here your spirit rushes into nourish you, balance you and inspire you.

Meditation is self love. ✨✨✨ Emotional love and care is listening to your emotions, giving yourself space to explore yourself when you have a negative emotion, generating positive emotions from scratch and doing activities that make you feel peaceful. ✨✨✨

Mental self love and care is taking time to acknowledge and transform negative self talk, to write down and validate our good ideas and regularly explore information that we are interested in. Fostering healthy internal dialogue and embracing your creativity is mental self love. ✨✨✨

Physical self love is caring for your body by eating food that feels good in your body, exercising, sleeping, speaking with your body and seeing your body as an extension of your soul.

✨✨✨ These are practices that we can do each day to heal and create a new foundation. When we bring our attention to our subtle and physical bodies we find balance.