Why I changed my name

This is how my brain works : sometimes the most glaringly obvious thing can be placed before me and it goes over my head. And usually it has to do with words. I can't think of an example at the moment so I'll quickly jump to my new name: Gemma( soft g sounds like Emma ). Some people assume it's a marketing name as in oh cool I get it- gem ma. People, this never occurred to me.

I simply loved the name when I first heard it years ago and never thought in this  lifetime  that I would have the courage to call it my own.  

Let me start from the beginning . My parents named me Veronica at birth which I think is a beautiful name- for someone else:) Throughout  my childhood my friends called me V which I liked a lot more, but let's face it - V is not a name:)  

And with people I would first meet I can not tell you how often they would remember me as Victoria or Vanessa - so much so that I began to answer to both of these names without flinching.  

So I searched for a new name . On a spiritual retreat in Bali a few years ago someone suggested Sophia. Again a beautiful name and yet not me. 

I decided to drop it and find a way to accept my name until one fateful day at the supermarket - the friendly checkout girl said to me: I'm sorry I keep forgetting your name - you just don't seem like a Veronica! And just like that my mission to find my name caught on fire once again- this time blazing.  

I came back to the store with a couple different names and each time she would shake her head no until I said "Gemma" Yes! That's it- your a Gemma ! 

I know what you're thinking: that it's perhaps strange I would trust a friendly stranger with validating my name- one of the most personal things about me... And yet it was sharing the name with my closest friends that really sealed the deal- people who have known me for over twenty years were like of course you are a Gemma ! It took my husband time to adjust from calling me "Gorgeous"( he had always said Veronica never felt right) to now calling me Gemma.  Now of course I'm kind of missing "Gorgeous" but that's a whole other story.

Back to how my brain works. This is the part of my name story that I find most interesting for it's glaringly obvious detail: A wise meditation teacher asked me the meaning of Gemma and I told him I didn't know. I then googled it and discovered it is Italian ( hello I'm half Italian!) and means precious stone.

So there you have it:) 

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