Sleeping with my "magic rocks"

I have a confession: These days I'm sleeping with a gemstone named Black Tourmaline.

BT makes for a wonderful grounding companion for those nights I feel a little restless and offers heavenly protection against negative energy ( your own and anyone else's ).

I clutch my beautiful chunk of tourmaline in my hand and usually wake up with it still in my palm, blazing hot. The heat tells you that the exchange of energy is real. Healing is occurring .

Sometimes I sleep with it under my pillow; it's known to purify any energy you've picked up from the day.  Ahh relief when you feel a little slimed from city life:)

I also cheat  on BT with Selenite on those nights when my mind is over active and needs calming.  It helps with  stress related headaches especially when accompanied with deep breathing.  Simply lie down and place it on your head where there's tension and take about ten deep breaths for instant relief.

The list is endless when it comes to the varieties of gemstones and how they can help you while you sleep( or just when you need them).  And I would like to make them available for you!

Soon, I will have these magic healing tools on my website drenched with personal blessings  for you to slip into your pocket ( or bra- been there!) and /or under your pillow.

I've been told that some of you actually sleep in my jewelry, which I think is great:) . And for others getting a "Magic Rock" may be just what you needed.

Lots  of love,