Custom Orders

Welcome to the world of creating a healing custom piece with Gemma… This is unlike other custom design experiences in that it is highly personalized. Gemma’s joy is in utilizing her intuitive healing abilities to discover what stones will assist you in creating more balance in your life and working with you to co-create the jewelry of your dreams.

 Ready to get started? First, fill out the questionnaire below. Once the non-refundable $150 custom design fee is taken care of, the exciting process begins.

Here’s how the pricing works:

If the custom piece you want is over $500, than the $150 custom design fee will go towards the final cost of your piece.

If the cost of your piece is under $500, than you are responsible for the cost of the item(s) in addition to the design fee.

Once the form is filled out, Gemma will personally contact you to get more clarity around your dream piece. She will then email you 3 different designs to choose from as well as the gemstone healing aspects; keeping you in the design loop every step of the way.

Name *
Are you interested in a necklace, pair of earrings, ring, or bracelet? *
If so, please tell me what you feel you need for healing. For example: You might need a stone to help open or heal your heart chakra, help ground your energy, or increase prosperity.
14K Gold-Filled? Sterling Silver? Solid 14K Gold?
Choker, 16”, 18”, 22” etc…
Hoops? Simple drop? Creative wire wrap?
Are you interested in the traditional hammered bands or do you like my trademark funky adjustable handmade bands?