" Love Light" One of a kind Pink Tourmaline and Kunzite Earrings

" Love Light" One of a kind Pink Tourmaline and Kunzite Earrings


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Stones/Materials: Dusty Rose Pink Tourmalines, mismatched raw Kunzite shards. 2 inches long. White topaz ear posts.

Pink Tourmaline: This is the mother of heart-chakras stones! It represents the feminine, or yin energies. It is the most powerful stone for healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood.

It radiates a soft, soothing energy; giving one the feelings of comfort, safety and nurturance.

Wonderful to use in meditation by wearing the stone near the heart chakra and visualizing a pink light radiating from the stone which then encompasses the body in a pink bubble. This infuses the entire emotional body with love.

Wearing Pink Tourmaline turns one into a beacon of its loving and healing energies, making it hard for others to project negativity in one's direction.

Kunzite : Brings love to one's life and also rekindle's old love, teaches patience, helps with communicating with one's guardian angels. Awakens the heart, allows for the grounding of high-frequency energy through the heart, clearing disharmonious emotional patterns. Brings stress relief, joy. Contains lithium therefore is beneficial for calming the emotions.

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