Rubellite "Tiara" Stacking Ring

Rubellite "Tiara" Stacking Ring

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Stones/Materials: Rubellite Tourmaline, 14kt Gold Filled band. Can also be ordered in Sterling Silver or Solid 14kt Gold. Looks great alone or stacked! Please let us know your ring size at checkout.

Rubellite: Helps one to overcome fears about abundance, survival, stability and safety due to it's ability to soothe the emotional body and open the heart.

If at times you feel emotionally isolated from the world, this stone can assist you in feeling more connected. It's mainly a heart healing stone but also heals limiting patterns within the first chakra, helping one to feel both more loving and more loved, protected and supported.

Rubellite brings an increased flow of life-force energies, and can have a grounding influence, especially for the emotions. IT helps those who have fallen into numbness, to find their way back to feeling.

Stimulates passion, and a renewed zest for life.

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