"Peace" One of a kind Clear Quartz, Pink Tourmaline and Peridot Necklace

"Peace" One of a kind Clear Quartz, Pink Tourmaline and Peridot Necklace


Stones/Materials: One of a kind Brazilian Quartz Crystal in a hand wrapped pendant, AAA quality Pink Tourmaline, Peridot. 34" Please let me know if you need a different length. This crystal is 2" long and has a flat surface, feels airy and light.

Healing: Clear Quartz brings clarity of thought and purpose to one's life. Opens the throat chakra, brings courage. Soothes emotional body. Teaches enlightened leadership and self-determination. Brings hope and possibility to all endeavors; helping to overcome any obstacles to achieving one's dreams.

Pink Tourmaline: This is the mother of heart-chakras stones! It represents the feminine, or yin energies. It is the most powerful stone for healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood.

It radiates a soft, soothing energy; giving one the feelings of comfort, safety and nurturance.

Wonderful to use in mediation by wearing the stone near the heart chakra and visualizing a pink light radiating from the stone which then encompasses the body in a pink bubble. This infuses the entire emotional body with love.

Wearing Pink Tourmaline turns one into a beacon of its loving and healing energies, making it hard for others to project negativity in one's direction.

Peridot: Connects one with the frequency of Divine Love, and compassion. It's powerful for shifting scarcity consciousness to prosperity consciousness, developing one's trust that the Universe will provide for all of one's needs. Emotionally healing, helps one to overcome feelings of unworthiness.Peridot is a powerful cleansing stone. Its clear, fresh energy rejuvenates the whole body and gives the encouragement of renewal and a fresh start. It is said to help release burdens, guilt and obsessions and it is thought to enhance confidence and assertiveness.

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