One of a kind Aquamarine "Healing Hoops" - limited edition

One of a kind Aquamarine "Healing Hoops" - limited edition

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Stones and Story: These one of a kind Raw Aquamarine beauties were inspired by a customer who wanted a simple hoop with raw stone charm and potent healing energy… For this pair, I topped the hoops off with vibrant high end Aquamarine nuggets. 2” long.

This is a limited edition, only a few available as I found only one strand of these rare Aquamarines at the Tucson Gem Show… get them while you can!

helps one to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness. It emits a gentle and compassionate energy; it helps judgmental people become more tolerant.

It stimulates, activates, and cleanses the throat chakra, facilitating communication of a higher quality; giving one the courage to speaks one's truth. Very empowering.  Protects the auric field.

It brings stress relief, balances the emotional body so that you stay cool, calm and collected:)

Helps with the grieving process.

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