"I'm Deserving" Citrine, Aquamarine, and Watermelon Tourmaline- 1 available

"I'm Deserving" Citrine, Aquamarine, and Watermelon Tourmaline- 1 available

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Stones and Story: This design was made with the intention of creating a Talisman for when you need to dive into your heart space and discover what it is that you are meant to be doing, and know that you are deserving to receive and manifest your heart’s desire.

Made with one of a kind Citrine, Aquamarine and Watermelon Tourmaline, 14kt Gold Filled hand made pendant and links. Can also be ordered in Solid 14kt Gold. 21”

You will receive the exact item shown.


Citrine: This a great manifestor, allowing one to clear the manifesting channel within and bring Divine energy into form through intention and action.

Helps to overcome difficulties and feelings of being undeserving of abundance.

Aquamarine: Helps one to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness. It emits a gentle and compassionate energy.

It stimulates, activates, and cleanses the throat chakra, Inspires communication of a higher quality;  giving one courage to speak the truth.

It protects the auric field. It brings stress relief, balances the emotional body and helps with the grieving process.

Watermelon Tourmaline: This is a combination of green and pink tourmaline, amplifying the qualities of both stones. Watermelon Tourmaline teaches one the meaning of joy- the unbounded happiness which is not caused by external circumstances but is instead the natural condition of being. This brings harmony. It's energy is calming, and it quickly counters anger or resentment. When used for meditation, it assists in calming the mind and the emotions, releasing the stress of the day and entering into deep states of heart- centered awareness** (The Book of Stones).

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