"Happy Go Lucky" Tanzanite, Heliodor, Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Bangle

"Happy Go Lucky" Tanzanite, Heliodor, Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Bangle

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Stones/Materials: Six Rose Gold Filled bands make up this beautiful Tanzanite, Blue Sapphire, Heliodor, and Aquamarine bangle. Also comes in 14kt Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver and Solid 14kt Gold.

Tanzanite:  Generates an energy of happiness and relief from worries, allowing insight into emotional issues. It inspires one in feeling more compassionate, loving and centered. It is good to wear Tanzanite as jewelry because in making it visible to others, it spreads the self-awakening Tanzanite can bring. It has the ability to bring one's consciousness to a permanently higher state. It integrates the mind with the heart, creating wholeness.

Aquamarine is the stone of courageous expression. It aids in balancing the emotional body, calming down negative fiery emotions such as anger and frustration. It keeps you cool as a cucumber.

Sapphire is known as a Stone of Wisdom. It is said to improve concentration and mental clarity and to help focus the mind. It encourages you to find solutions to your problems by thinking about them quietly and calmly with integrity.

It removes mental tension and unwanted thoughts and to bring inner peace and serenity. It is believed to counteract depression and to promote a positive attitude. In addition Sapphire is said to attract prosperity.

Heliodor:  A crystal of golden light, Heliodor radiates the warmth and power of sunshine, the illumination of higher thought, and a centered, more vibrant physical well-being. Its name literally translates from the Greek as a gift of the sun. It invokes the celestial Golden Ray of knowledge and learning, to stimulate the higher mind and enable the brain to function more efficiently. It is a stone of true nobility and selfless leadership, and allows one to make decisions based on wisdom instead of emotion or reaction. 

It helps with assertiveness, self-confidence, manifestation, physical and mental strength, benevolence and power. It helps one to gain strength in pursuing one's goals and dreams; overcoming confusion of one's purpose in life.

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