"Dive In" One of a kind Blue Apatite, Diamond Necklace- 1 available

"Dive In" One of a kind Blue Apatite, Diamond Necklace- 1 available


Stones/Story: “Dive In” is about diving into your inner life, your intuition, until you find the stillness you seek… Made with one of a kind Blue Apatite had forged into an organic yet elegant pendant with conflict free diamond charms set in 14kt Gold.

17” 14kt Gold Filled Chain, wire.

You will receive the same item shown in the photo.

Blue Apatite Healing: Excellent for balancing the chakras, especially your throat chakra for easy and fluid communication. Cleanses the aura of cluttered energies. Helps ease social anxiety by encouraging openness. Induces a calm state of mind.

Helps to manifest ideas into fruition.

Enhances intuition.

Diamond healing: Diamonds are good for strongly activating the the 3rd eye, crown and etheric chakras, encouraging psychic development, meditation and spiritual pursuits.

A powerful stone of truth, it encourages you to act in aligmment with your inner knowing; embodying qualities of purity and honor.

It's vibration can clear and empower your energy; infusing the aura with full-spectrum Light energy. It can help get rid of density in the emotional body, allowing one to feel lighter, more joyful and more aligned with Spirit.

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