"Calling In Love" Long Clear Quartz and Sapphire Necklace

"Calling In Love" Long Clear Quartz and Sapphire Necklace

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Stones/Materials: One of a kind raw Clear Quartz point with baby sapphires... hand wrapped in either 14kt Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or Solid 14kt Gold wire, chain. Choose below when ordering. 32" Please let me know if you need a different length.

Clear Quartz: It can be used to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It assists in the creation of power and can provide for clarity in thinking. It is said to bring the energy of the stars to the soul. It has been traditionally used to both harmonize and align human energies- thoughts, consciousness, and emotions- with the energies of the universe and to make these greater energies available to humanity. 

Yellow Sapphire: Brings abundance, strength of will, joy, creativity, and a positive mind set.

Pink Sapphire: Helps one to feel more courageous in opening up to love and overcoming wounds from past emotional traumas.

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