"The Goddess Rose" Necklace with Rainbow Moonstone

"The Goddess Rose" Necklace with Rainbow Moonstone

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Stones/Materials: Gorgeous blue flash Rainbow Moonstone, hand made organically set pendant.

Rainbow Moonstone: The energy of this stone is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. It is excellent for aiding women in fine tuning and trusting their intuition.

It wards of negativity acting as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura. It's particularly good for psychic protection and for maintaining a clarity of energy while working on an intuitive level.

It alleviates emotional tension and enhances creativity and self-expression. It stimulates confidence and composure and allows one to understand that there is no situation so difficult that it cannot be countered with diplomacy. It is a "traveler's stone", it is used for protection against the perils of travel. It is also a talisman of good fortune. It enhances fertility, eases P.M.S. and change of life; excellent for a woman's hormonal system.

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