" I Am Love" One of a kind Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace in 14kt Gold.


" I Am Love" One of a kind Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace in 14kt Gold.


Stones and Story: I’m so excited to introduce the “I Am” series, a handcrafted fine jewelry collaboration with Carlie Mathews of Morgan Patricia Designs. Recently, we both realized that we were on a similar path looking to give back through reinforcing the spiritual knowledge and understanding that: I am love, I am peace, and I am truth are innate authenticities that we all carry within us…

Carlie and I are donating a percentage of each sale to empowher.org, a Los Angeles organization dedicated to empowering young women. Their mission states:

“An empowered girl is in touch with her voice. She recognizes that her voice matters, she matters. An empowered girl has the confidence to express her voice in the company of her peers as well as adults. She knows that she can do and be anything she sets her mind to.”

With complementary design aesthetics and an aligned vision for the future, we are hoping that the “I am” series will empower you to remember how amazing you are. You ARE love. You ARE peace. You ARE truth. Remember we are stronger when we work together.

Made with one of a kind Pink Tourmaline, and Diamonds, Solid 14kt Gold, 16.” Please let us know if you need a different length as each piece is made to order.

Pink Tourmaline: This is the mother of heart-chakras stones! It represents the feminine, or yin energies. It is the most powerful stone for healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood.

It radiates a soft, soothing energy; giving one the feelings of comfort, safety and nurturance.

Wonderful to use in meditation by wearing the stone near the heart chakra and visualizing a pink light radiating from the stone which then encompasses the body in a pink bubble. This infuses the entire emotional body with love.

Wearing Pink Tourmaline turns one into a beacon of its loving and healing energies, making it hard for others to project negativity in one's direction.

Diamonds are good for: strongly activating the the 3rd eye, crown and etheric chakras, encouraging psychic development, meditation and spiritual pursuits.

A powerful stone of truth, it encourages you to act in aligmment with your inner knowing; embodying qualities of purity and honor.

It's vibration can clear and empower your energy; infusing the aura with full-spectrum Light energy. It can help get rid of density in the emotional body, allowing one to feel lighter, more joyful and more aligned with Spirit.

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