"Wild and Free" One of a kind Blue Tourmaline necklace

"Wild and Free" One of a kind Blue Tourmaline necklace


Stones/Materials: I call this stone my 'Pacific Tourmaline', as it reminds me of the majestic Pacific waters I used to swim in as a kid. Deep blue ocean on a cloudy day...we would emerge freezing cold, feeling alive and free.

Hand forged pendant, 14kt Gold Filled materials. 32" Please let me know if you need a different length.

Since this is a one of a kind stone, you will receive this same exact item shown in the photo.

Blue Tourmaline: Brings the mind to a zen like, peaceful state. It assists in attuning to the healing energies of the higher dimensions.

It stops overactive thinking so pure awareness can develop.

It helps to let go of emotional cords or patterns from the past, freeing one to create a future that reflects one's spiritual nature. It helps to understand the root cause of emotional trauma or imbalance.

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