"Vital and Empowered" Orange and Blue Sapphire, Smoky Quartz, and Iolite Necklace

"Vital and Empowered" Orange and Blue Sapphire, Smoky Quartz, and Iolite Necklace


Stones/Materials: One of a kind high quality umbra Blue and Orange Sapphires, handmade Smoky Quartz and Iolite Chain, 16-18".

Sapphire is known as a Stone of Wisdom. Improve concentration, mental clarity and helps focus the mind.

It encourages you to find solutions to your problems by thinking about them quietly and calmly with integrity.

It removes mental tension and unwanted thoughts and to bring inner peace and serenity.

It is believed to counteract depression and to promote a positive attitude. In addition Sapphire attracts prosperity.

Iolite empowers one to envision solutions to seemingly insurmountable emotional problems. It can give one hope in difficult circumstances and can assist in perceiving how best to proceed. It does this by helping one to align with one's higher self; enhancing intuition.

Smoky Quartz: This is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones available. Similar to sage, the energy of Smoky Quartz cleanses and clears the aura. It helps one to connect to the earth and complete the electrical circuit between one's physical body and the planet. Without this completed circuit, one's energy systems are like a high-tension power line that has snapped; though there's plenty of energy, there is nowhere for it to go- the energy is released out into the environment instead of grounding into the earth. Without this grounding, one can be susceptible to 'burnout' and problems with the nervous system. Smoky Quartz is great for establishing a healthy energetic flow in the body. 

It can be used to counter the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (from computers, cell phones).

Orange Sapphire:  Very powerful for those who desire to bring spiritual vision to manifestation. Encourages one to take action to bring one's highest desires to fruition.

Helps one to feel more outgoing, joyful, playful, expressive and dynamic. Also helps those who desire healthier attitudes and expressions in regard to sexual energy. A wonderful stone for fertility.


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