"Happy Hoops" with Pink and Blue Sapphires, Goshenite

"Happy Hoops" with Pink and Blue Sapphires, Goshenite

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Stones/Materials: Vibrant, gorgeous Pink and Blue Sapphires, AAA grade Goshenite Beryls, hand forged hoops (2 " long, 1" wide). Simply stunning!

Blue Sapphire is known as a Stone of Wisdom. It is said to improve concentration and mental clarity and to help focus the mind. It encourages you to find solutions to your problems by thinking about them quietly and calmly with integrity.

It removes mental tension and unwanted thoughts and to bring inner peace and serenity. It is believed to counteract depression and to promote a positive attitude. In addition Sapphire is said to attract prosperity.

Pink Sapphire: Helps one to feel more courageous in opening up to love and overcoming wounds from past emotional trauma.

Goshenite uplifts the spirit, and is also an aid for communicating with one's angelic guides. It brings clarity and optimism.

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