"Going For It" Blue Kyanite/Heliodor/Green Tourmaline One of a kind necklace

"Going For It" Blue Kyanite/Heliodor/Green Tourmaline One of a kind necklace



Stones/Materials: Blue Kyanite, Green Tourmaline, Heliodor and hand made 14kt gold filled links (read my blog to learn difference between gold filled and gold plated).

Blue Kyanite : This stone has a high vibration allowing one to be open to receiving information from higher sources. It's a stone for accessing one's highest truth. It aligns all the chakras. Brigns tranquility and a calming effect to one's whole being. 

Heliodor:  A crystal of golden light, Heliodor radiates the warmth and power of sunshine, the illumination of higher thought, and a centered, more vibrant physical well-being. Its name literally translates from the Greek as a gift of the sun. It invokes the celestial Golden Ray of knowledge and learning, to stimulate the higher mind and enable the brain to function more efficiently. It is a stone of true nobility and selfless leadership, and allows one to make decisions based on wisdom instead of emotion or reaction. 

It helps with assertiveness, self-confidence, manifestation, physical and mental strength, benevolence and power. It helps one to gain strength in pursuing one's goals and dreams; overcoming confusion of one's purpose in life.

Green Tourmaline: Super potent for self healing especially in regards to healing the heart chakra and thereby the physical heart. Because the heart is the center of one's being, bringing harmony to that chakra creates a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of the self. It calms the nervous system and emotions. It brings an invigorating energy of growth and expansion to the emotional body. It can help one to become less inhibited and more expressive. It helps with letting go of fear of change. 

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