"Flow" Andean Opal Earrings with White Sapphire

"Flow" Andean Opal Earrings with White Sapphire

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Stones/Materials: Vibrant Blue Andean Opal, and White Sapphire posts. Hand made 14kt Gold Filled links. Also can be ordered in Solid 14kt Gold below.

Blue Opal: Promotes a calm and centered mind. It's wonderful for spiritual understanding and can help one to embrace spiritual guidance without ego resistance. It helps to surrender to Divine Will and release one's resistance to one's spiritual path. It can help with finding calm understanding of difficult life experiences from the past and can help one to joyfully embrace the future.

White Sapphire has a pure energy. It opens the crown chakra and takes spiritual awareness to a very high place, thereby opening your cosmic consciousness. This is a protective stone that removes obstacles in your path. It is helpful in accessing your potential.

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